Santa's job isn't without its risks. Just imagine working under serious time pressure, moving around on snowy roofs in the dark...

In Florida, "Santa Claus" was getting ready for the upcoming Christmas work rush and brushing up on his rappelling technique at a local shopping mall. But the exercise didn't go exactly as planned. Instead, this poor "Santa" got his beard caught in the descender. We still don't know if he ever made it down..

Watch the video of Père Noël getting his beard stuck in a descender:

At Petzl, we actually created a Technical Notice with some important tips for Santa:

  • Descending a rope
  • Ascending a rope
  • Setting up a hoisting system to descend and ascend a chimney with the help of his elves
  • Some food-related guidelines
  • And working with maximum possible safety


You can also download Santa's Tech Notice (PDF; 1.6 Mb) here.

Happy holidays to all!

Kommentare! Well! Well done, Petzl! I'm glad you all have a sense of humor. This is getting posted at our shop! =)


Nice to see, thanks :-)

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