This year, the Grimpday, organized by the fire department of Namur (Belgium) took place on June 12th.

A recognized international event, this 5th edition gathered together the best teams worldwide in the field of rope rescue in Namur. New participants took up the challenge, with a total of 28 teams representing 9 countries, and various rescue services: firemen, civil protection, para-commandos, police, etc.

The objective of this challenge is to have teams of professionals from all horizons meet to compare and share their techniques. The ultimate aim is to be as efficient as possible in a field where mistakes are not allowed.


The participants went through 6 practical exercises in different places in the town, the most spectacular for the public not always being the most technical ones for the participants. Each event was timed and assessed in terms of safety. Among them:

  • climbing over a 4-m high and 80-cm wide wall with a stretcher, up and down;
  • ascending a 65-m and 40°-tilt slope and 2 parapet walls with a stretcher;
  • evacuating a stretcher from a railway bridge above the Meuse river in Zodiac boats;
  • using a 1250-m long Tyrolean, from the top of the citadel to the other side of the Meuse.

On Sunday, 400 people tested this incredible Tyrolean, the longest in the world in an urban environment.
An exciting experience open to all!




The Swiss team from Neuchâtel won the Grimpday for the 2nd time in 2 participations.
See you in 2011 for the next edition!


More information:

- Visit the official Grimpday web site
- See the Petzl video of the 2009 edition :


GRIMPDAY 2009 - video (10mn)