Petzl presents the new generation of VERTEX, 3 comfortable helmets for work at height, industry and rescue.


The helmet centered on the head

Simultaneous operation of the two CenterFit adjustment wheels adjusts the headband. The adjustment wheels are easy to manipulate while wearing gloves.

VERTEX helmet adjustment wheels.

The CenterFit system allows the helmet to be perfectly centered on the head.

VERTEX helmet centered on the head.


VERTEX helmets adapt to your lighting needs and additional protection requirements in a few seconds.

A protective face shield, hearing protections and PIXA headlamp mounted on VERTEX helmet

For lighting: each helmet has a front mounting slot for attachment of a PIXA headlamp, and four positioning hooks for mounting a headlamp with an elastic headband.

For protection: the user can install a protective VIZIR face shield with the two lateral inserts, and can add hearing protection with the two lateral slots.


Accessories associated with VERTEX helmets allow each user to adapt the equipment to his/her needs.

Transparent sticker displaying user name on VERTEX helmet.
Page of transparent stickers: allows the user to display a personal marking on the helmet

Reflective sticker on a VERTEX helmet.
Page of reflective stickers: provides better visibility in the dark.

Absorbing foam for VERTEX
Absorbent foam: textile foam ensures better

Replacement foam for VERTEX helmet.
Replacement foam: foam similar to that provided with each helmet; does not absorb perspiration.


Discover the 3 VERTEX helmets



VERTEX ST helmet.

Related products

VIZIR face shield and PIXA headlamps range also fit on VERTEX helmets:

VIZIR protective face shield
Protective face shield VIZIR for VERTEX helmet.

PIXA headlamps range
PIXA headlamp for VERTEX helmet.



standard of vertex helmet

Good morning,

I wanted to know if your vertex range was developed in accordance with a specific standard?

Can you please confirm?



Hello Kylie, each helmet in

Hello Kylie, each helmet in the range meets different standards

Vertex Vent :
CE EN 12492 : meets the requirements of the EN 397 and EN 12492 standards for protection against impact. Meets the optional requirements of the EN 397 standard for lateral deformation and use in low temperatures.

Vertex Best :
CE : Meets the requirements of the EN 397 and EN 12492 standards for protection against impact. Meets the requirements of the EN 397 and EN 50365 standards for electrical insulation. Meets the optional requirements of the EN 397 standard for molten metal splash, lateral deformation and use in low temperatures.

ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type I Class E

CSA Z94.1-05 Type 1 Class E

Vertex ST:

CE EN 397,
CE EN 50365.
Meets the requirements of the EN 397 and EN 12492 standards for protection against impact. Meets the requirements of the EN 397 and EN 50365 standards for electrical insulation. Meets the optional requirements of the EN 397 standard for molten metal splash, lateral deformation and use in low temperatures.

ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type I Class E.

Helmet Stickers

What are the regulations, and/or your requirements, regarding stickers on the helmets. With respect to inspections (cracks) and/or electrical concerns. We have several helmets that have been "personalized". Do we need to remove the stickers? I also see that we cannot use solvents (to remove the stickers).

Re : Helmet stickers

Hello Bjorn,

We do not recommend using anykind of stickers except the official set that we provide for Alveo or Vertex Helmets. Regarding the inspection of your helmets we recommend that you remove the stickers to clearly view the shell, to remove the glue use a gentle cloth to clean the surface with methylated spirit, do not dip the helmet in the methylated spirit.
In the future avoid the personalisation of the helmets except if done with the specific petzl sticker kit and specific application areas.

Thank you for your interest.


Replacement of Helmets


Can you advise of the recommended period for replacement of climbing helmets. I note that they conform to EN 397. Do they as per construction hard hats require to be marked with the date of manufacture and the recommended replacement period (3 years)? Are they manufactured in the same manner as a safety helment and as such degrade over time with UV exposures hence the need for replacement etc.

What is the recommended replacement period for one of your climbing helmets?

Many thanks


RE : replacement of helmets

Hello Dawn,

The lifespan of our products are all specified in our technical notices, they can be downloaded as a pdf on each product page. In addition our helmets are Personal Protective Equipment and need to be inspected on a regular basis. Please consult this link for more info

Thank you for your support

Vertex Vent for caving ??

Good Morning,

I would like to know, if I could use Vertex Vent for Caving activities?

Thanks for your reply,

(caving since 1982)

Re : Vertex vent for caving

Hello Metin,

The VERTEX VENT is certified for alpine sport, it complies with EN12492. This product can be used for caving activities.

Thanks for your participation.


Head lamp

What is the best head lamp for helmet with longest battery life?
This week i am printing stickers for my helmet to give it a new look.


Hello. The ULTRA headlamp is our most powerfull headlamp. Anyway, all of our headlamps can easily be worn on our helmets. Thanks a lot for your interest in Petzl products. Best regards.

VIZIR face shield

When are you going to develop and import tinted vizir face sheilds into australia they work really well for arborists but we need a tinted version desperately.
Garry B


Hello Garry
Thanks a lot for your feedbacks. We have transfered your request to our Helmets Product manager. Again, thanks for your interest and your participation.
Best regards

Vertex Best and Vizir


I would like to purchase the above items and use them during construction in the shipyard onboard the ship and in the refinery/petrochemical plants.

Can advice whether it's safe to use in such environment especially the Vizir. Does the Vizir meets ANSI Z87.1 as a safety goggle?

I seemed not to find goggle marked with 'T'. Can provide a link?



Thank you for your question.
The VIZIR is only certified EN166. We are working on the subject, in order to be in compliance with the ANSI Z87.1 2010 North American standard.
Best regards.

hearing protection

I see that your Vertex Vent helmet has slots for hearing protection. Do you provide the hearing protection accessories or is there another supplier for those?



Petzl does not sell auditive protections, Alveo and Vertex helmets can host auditive protections. Peltor protections are compatible with these two models of helmets.

Other accessories such as headlamps and visors can also be fitted on these two models.


Enprinting logo on Petzl helmets


A client of ours has requested to buy some Vetrex Best Helmets with their logo enprinted on them. Is there any restriction for enprinting logos?

Best regards
Ioannis Petromianos



Your request has been forwarded to the export department of Petzl Headquarters, we have a special service in charge of customized products and they are used to providing such helmets with additional printed logos.
Stay tuned for their answer.

Green industrial helmets

Do Petzl make GREEN industrial helmets, i.e. the Vertex? I know that these would be very popular due to the use of green helmets in the offshore industry. This would save rope access workers having to wear a green cover over their yellow helmet or, as I have seen, placing green electrical tape over their helmet. I would buy one!



Sorry we do not make green helmets anymore, a special order can be made, for this matter please contact the distributor in your country.

Green helmet

Dear Petzl,

Has there been any change in this ?
I work as a surveyor offshore so I am always on new rigs, and hence green lid.

Richard Bailey.

Green color

Hi i realy hope you guys will make som helmets whit green color

Vertex Best Helmet

Aloha there,

I have a company issued vertex best helmet 53-63 cm/ 20.9-24.8". I did measure my crown of my head and it 53 cm or 21.5". However, when I try to ajust the helmet, it will only go so far and still be lose on my head. If I tilt my head to either side it will roll to each side almosy hanging. How do I correct this issue? Do I need to have my company only order the 53 cm for me?

Please advice,


There is no correction possible, you need to obtain the smaller size of Vertex.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

Replacement helmet liner and straps

I am having difficulty obtaining a replacement liner/straps for my Vertex.
Can you please give me some direction, pricing, etc.?

Cliff Shepard
(317) 506-5444

RE : Replacement helmet liner and straps

Hello Cliff,

Please contact the Petzl distributor in your country.

Vertex Best

Hi, we have a large number of Vertex Best helmets in use, and i have been asked a question regarding the material used in the chin strap. Is it polyester? if so what is the percentage. Manay Thanks

RE : Vertex Best

Hello Mark,
Yes the chin strap is made of polyester, no other info is available.

petzl personalisation stickers

I want to fit a helmet camera on to my climbing helmet as i am at college and finding the training very hard to take in at one time. I'm just wondering would it still be possible to buy the petzl approved personalisation stickers and then stick a 3M adhesive sticker on top of the personalisation sticker without it damaging the helmet?

RE : petzl personalisation stickers

yes you can use the Petzl approved stickers. If you are able to determine the absence of solvants in the 3M adhesive you could stick the 3M directly on the Helmet.
Thank you for your participation to the discussions

RE : petzl personalisation stickers

Is it OK to put stickers on the Petzl helmets if you can verify that the adhesive are fre off any solvants?

RE : petzl personalisation stickers

Hello Andreas,

Yes if you are sure that they stickers do not contain any solvants.


The clip on my Vertex Vent

The clip on my Vertex Vent chinstrap has broken is it possible to get it repaired or purchase a replacement clip?

Re The clip on my Vertex Vent

Yes your product can be repaired. Please contact the aftersales of the Petzl Distributor in your country.

Vertex Best Helmet

What is the safe temperature working range for the Vertex 2 helmet?
This helmet complies with CSA Z94.1 Type 1 Class E specifications, does this mean it can be used in all applications that require this certification? (ie. petrochemical plant)

Thanks for your time,


RE Vertex Best Helmet

Hello Scott,
As specified in the product's technical notice, the range of temperature of Vertex is : +50 / -30° C

Staying at your disposal


Vizir and Pixa on Vertex Vent

Hi, may I know if it is possible to mount the Vizir and Pixa light on the Vertex Vent at the same time (with the Vizir in upwards position)? Thanks! :)

Re Vizir and Pixa on Vertex Vent

Hello Melissa,

Sorry but this will not work as the vizir will not be able to slide over the fixed headlamp.


Petzl vertex vent

Can the Vizor face shield work with the PIXA headlight or it there another lighting option?



Re : Petzl vertex vent

Hello David,

You can place the Pixa with the Vizor lowered, but cannot push it back up unless you take off the Pixa first.


Vertex Vent or Best

Is it possible to custom order the Vertex Vent or Best in Purple?

RE Vertex Vent or Best

Hello Marian,

This color does'nt exist in standard, for a large order it might be possible by our custom product service.
Contact :

How to attach pixa 2 to Vertex ST helmet?

Hi, Ive got the pixa 2 headlamp and just received a vertex st helmet. All images and videos show the headlamp just sliding onto the helmet with easy, but for the life if me I cannot figure out how to attach it, not without an additional base clip different from the one that is on the elasticated strap.

Am I missing something, or is there a different attachment I need in order to fix the pixa to to my vertex st?
Also, there is no way of removing the base clip from the elasticated headlamp strap is like one continuous loop.

Hope you can help. Thanks.

Re How to attach pixa 2 to Vertex ST helmet?


There should have been a specific mounting plate with the headlamp. Please contact the aftersales of the Petzl distributor in your country for spare part assistance.

Vertex Best in green

1. I am looking for a Vertex helmet that meets all international PPE hard hat standards worldwide since I move from one offshore drilling rig to another. Does one of your helmets comply?
2. Next, since I move around frequently I am required to wear a green helmet and am not in position to place a large custom order...when do you anticipate making green helmets available to the many individuals like me who require only one green helmet?
Please advise. Thanks.

Sun Visor

is there an attachment for the Petzl Vertex Vent helmet that will act as a sun visor?

RE Sun Visor

Hello Erik,

Vertex Vent produced since 2011 have a attachement hole for this visor:

Date of Manufacture

On the Petzl Vertex Best how can I identify the date of manufacture?

RE Date of Manufacture

Hello Greg,

As specified in the instructions for use:
The date of manufacture is engraved on the product.

Type II Class C Helmet for Climbing applications?

I am the safety cordinator for my shop and I get questions all the time if the equipment that we are using is the proper equipment for the job(s) that we perform. We do alot of climbing up communication towers and even shorter towers fro ground based radar not exceeding 100 feet from the work platform usually. My main concern is if the Type I Class C helmet that we are using is the proper one for our application? If we were to fall from a work platform and swing into the structure that we are working on are we going to need to worry about a lateral impact, or it going to be a sufficent enough impact to justify the Type II?

Thank you,

Re : Type II Class C Helmet for Climbing applications?

Hello Anthony,

Petzl Helmets are Class I only, the risk analysis of the working situations will help you decide if class II helmets are required for the task to be performed.


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