The new RIG compact self-braking descender

The RIG is designed for expert professional rope access technicians. It allows the user to position himself and then easily stop where needed by using the handle to block the rope. This descender is compact and intuitive to use, making for smooth descents. With its innovative design and compact size, the RIG is a simple and effective alternative to more traditional descenders.

Video presentation

Alexandre Bronnaz (Marketing Manager) presents the new RIG descender.

Key features


The benefits of the multi-function handle

The RIG's multi-function handle allows the user to unblock the rope and control the descent with the hand on the free end of the rope and to position himself:

  1. Controlling the descent
  2. Positioning at the work station without using a tie-off 

While the handle is in descent position,
it will automatically return to belay position if the user lets go of it. This limits risks in case of involuntary operation of the handle, for example by user action, a falling object, etc.

Compact, practical and difficult to drop accidently

  1. Position rangement de la poignée pour un appareil compact. Compact: the handle storage position makes the device even more compact when carrying it.
  2. Flasque mobile du RIG. Difficult to drop: the moving side plate with the safety gate allows the device to be installed or removed from the rope without disconnecting it.
  3. Came pivotante du RIG. Practical: The pivoting cam facilitates taking up the slack in the rope. It can also be used to make a reversible haul
    system, and for short ascents.

The RIG descender: for experts only

The RIG was designed to perform the essential functions expected of a descender. Since it is better adapted for professional use, it effectively replaces descenders like the GRIGRI and STOP.

This device is for users that already have considerable experience. For professionals that are still learning technical rope access skills, we recommend the I'D S descender, which has additional safety features such as an anti-panic function and an anti-error safety cam.

he RIG can be used to rescue a coworker in trouble (maximum load = 200 kg).
See the specific uses of the device in the Product Experience document (Pdf, 12 Mb).

For more information

Please go to the RIG product page for more information
(complete product description, certification information, instruction for use, etc.)