Daniel Woods
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Daniel Woods portrait
Date de naissance: 
1 August 2012
Lieu de résidence: 
Boulder, Colorado
17 years of climbing
Statut actuel: 
Professional Rock Climber
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In search of a challenge
I started sport climbing when I was five years old. At age eight I began to take it seriously, training for projects and entering competitions. I sent my first 8b+ (7 p.m. Show, in Rifle, Colorado) when I was 13. From there I discovered bouldering, which consumed the next eight years of my life. The last two years I have been focusing on both apsects of climbing. I like this challenge and it allows me to keep improving, keep motivated. I like how sport climbing tests your mental fitness along with physical endurance; in bouldering, I like how powerful the movement is, which allows you to test the body's limit. However, switching back and forth from sport climbing to bouldering is difficult to manage at a top level. I find it especially hard to get back into bouldering mode after taking a month or two off. When I'm in good bouldering shape, I can transition into sport climbing and feel strong. It takes a couple weeks to build fitness, but overall, my bouldering strength makes up for this.

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On rest days
I don't like taking rest days. There's so much climbing to sample that taking days off makes me feel like I am missing out on something new. Still, skateboarding, boulder/cliff searching, writing, listening to music, and watching movies are some of the things I do on an off day. I especially like to write when I'm not climbing. It is fun to post blogs for others to read about what you're establishing -- I know I get motivated to read my friend's blogs and see what they're up to.

Tracking progress
I grew up in Boulder and developed myself as a climber here. The one thing that is really special to me about Colorado is tracking my progression over time. In the past, when I was climbing 8A (v11) and 8b+ (5.14a), there were so many futuristic projects that I thought of as impossible, but my goal was to become good enough to do them. I have now climbed the "impossible" and have a new futuristic ticklist. Only at your home area can you gauge your progression and push your standards. This is because you can spend more time searching for new potential. Luckily, Colorado offers a surplus of climbing, allowing you to do so.

Strength, energy, and inspiration
I get psyched when I find a new line that hasn't been completed. I like the process of figuring out moves and overcoming failure to complete the moves. When the climb is finished, it's your trophy to hold onto.

I am inspired by Chris [Sharma], Dave [Graham], Jon [Cardwell], Joe [Kinder], and Adam [Ondra]. These guys are psyched on developing new climbs and have good energy. I like anyone who is psyched on what they're doing and gives it their all to complete a project.

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