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Ozark Brand story

Ozark ® represents the purest outdoor spirit. The passion for outdoor sports and psychology of coexisting harmoniously with nature of Ozark® take root from the pure, natural mountain.

Swiss outdoor enthusiast, Mr. Hans Schallenberger, founded Ozark® in 1996, and soon committed to supporting Chinese high-altitude climbing expedition. Today, the footprint of Ozark® spread around the world,  from the 90 °s south pole to the The Mountain Everest at 8848m, Ozark® gear tested all the harsh conditions accompanied with explorers, and also witnessed the successful moments one after another .

With the passion for outdoor sports and persistence for superior quality, Ozark® applies its rich experience of climbing exploration into our outdoor products; 4 collections including over 300 kinds of equipments that we designed not only meet the demands for exploring in various extreme harsh conditions, but also suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. The persistent pursuit for high quality and understanding of outdoor and nature make Ozark® remains innovative all the time, and make more and more people recognize and enjoy outdoor sports.

Ozark® makes every effort to promote the sustainable development of outdoor sports, with the establishment of Tibet Mountaineering Guide School and China Mountaineering Development Institute (CMDI), climbing sports in China keeps on moving forward. Together with our preservation of mountain resource and environmental protection, Ozark® shows its confidence with its long term development.

No matter how time changes, human's longing for nature never change. We deeply believe that all the Ozark® product users are partners of Ozark®; we will carry on our commitment to offer our excellent equipments to those who love exploring and have passion for nature.

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La Sportiva

Introduce of La Sportiva

La Sportiva was established in Italy at 1928. After 83 years of development, La Sportiva has become synonymous with high quality outdoor footwear. Its comprehensive product line covers all types of outdoor sports footwear required, such as climbing shoes, mountaineering boots, hiking shoes, mountain running shoes and so on.

La Sportiva is committed to promoting all kinds of outdoor sports and events around the world. Like the 2009 Climbing Party in Europe. 2010 Climbing Tour in China and the 2010/2011 La Sportiva Mountain Cup in North America.

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