Petzl RocTrip 2011 : schedule


Concept of the Petzl RocTrip China Climbing Challenge

Climbing in China © G. VallotThe Petzl RocTrip is a challenge, not a competition. The goal is to discover new places together and to climb as much as possible. Anyone who can climb independently can sign up and participate.

The challenge will take place over two-and-a-half days with climbing on 18 different walls divided into four zones. The climbing routes are divided into four zones including three geographically-distinct sport climbing areas and a zone for multi-pitch climbing (more than three pitches). The routes are spread out across the entire valley. The big routes have a different rating system because of the time and investment that is required by a big route.

Each participant will climb in a different zone each day and on a minimum of two different walls each day. Everyone can organize their three days of challenge according to her/his own personal preference.

The challenge is a ‘flash contest’. The only routes that will count are those that are flashed (1).
Each participant must record her/his results on an individual scorecard, distributed at registration, which will result in an overall rating in the Road Book.
The scorecard will be given to the Petzl RocTrip organizers on Saturday afternoon at the base of the wall or in the Petzl RocTrip village.


The results will be posted Saturday night. Prizes will be distributed by a lottery among all the participants.



  • Helmets are required for all multi-pitch routes.
  • Each participant must have the equipment to climb independently because there will be no extra equipment available.
  • Pay attention to the length of your rope on these routes. Systematically knot the end of your rope when belaying.


(1) Flash: climbing the entire route to the top on the first try.



Tuesday, October 25
9am - 6pm: participant registration at the Petzl RocTrip Getu Base Camp; climbing safety check

Wednesday, October the 26

9am - 5pm: participant registration at the Petzl RocTrip Getu Base Camp; climbing safety check; clinic registration
5pm - 8pm: Opening ceremony with officials at Getu Base Camp
Evening: Official dinner at Getu Base Camp site for all participants

Thursday, October 27
8:30am - 9am: Flash Contest and climbing briefing
9am - 5pm: Flash Contest Day 1
9am - 5pm: climbing clinics taught by professionals
8:30pm - 9:15pm: slide show / film presentation: Bolting and route development in Getu
9:30 pm: Slide shows by Nina Caprez and Dave Graham


Friday, October 28
9am - 5pm: Flash Contest Day 2
9am - 5pm: climbing clinics taught by professionals
6pm - 8pm: Dinner
8:30pm - 10pm: slide show / film presentations by Spanish climbers: Daila, Ojeda, Dani Andrada, Chris Sharma
Evening of live music and DJs

Saturday, October 29
9am - 12am: Final day of Flash Contest (morning only)
11am - 5pm: Flash Contest results collected from participants at Base Camp
2pm - 5pm: Climbing show: pro-climbers on the hard routes and multi-pitch routes under the Arch
6pm - 8pm: Petzl RocTrip dinner
9pm - 10pm: Closing Ceremony, raffle, Flash Contest results
10pm - 4am: party with live music, DJs

Sunday, October 30
Departure, transportation to Guiyang for participants


Petzl RocTrip 2011 flyer

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