Petzl Shunt

Hi I am a Level 1 Rope tech in Australia, i have being trained with the ASAP and shunt, both have there uses. I have used the shunt in training and had the fear of God put into me by the instructor, now i am a confident user and follow the rules stringently whilst using the shunt. I also keep it tight so i reduce the shock load if i happen to fall. I also have used ones that had a knot in the end and NO knots, the knotted ends freaked me out as they didn't slip thru fingers easily. I use the shunt for my main backup device and for weekend work, on the sides of cuttings and the ASAP on the side of buildings, as the shunt is easier to clean and service after getting dirty. I also run a RIG descender. So the shunt can be used as long as the rules are followed stringently! I know we are all human and get lazy and complacent!


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