Hello, could you please

Hello, could you please explain to me why it is that Petzls statement: 'As a measure of precaution, Petzl recommends to NOT use the Petzl Shunt, while towed by a cord, as a back-up device in rope access.' Has been subject to the addition of the word 'continuosly' between 'while' and 'towed' by one of IRATAs versions of the above statement. And now seems to have been changed again to: 'IRATA has always acknowledged these risks and notes that Petzl’s recommendation is not to use the Petzl Shunt as a backup device if it is towed with a cord during continuous descent.' I can find no evidence of Petzl referencing the 'continuous' towing of the shunt, or the use of the shunt during 'continuous' descents in its statements advising against the the use of the shunt as a back up device in rope access. Semantics on my part, or something darker? I have lots more questions!


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