The solution is cheap

Petzl's 'solution' of paying full retail from their authorized dealers isn't going to fly unless everyone bought gear for some government or contractor. We all know how this works; Petzl can't be seen authorizing one dealer to under-cut some other dealer so prices will remain high. Petzl has a duty to protect climbers from fakes by making it harder to fake, and people dying from fake products shouldn't be looked down upon because they didn't buy from authorized dealers. The solution is a hash or signed hash. You can't fake it and all it will cost you is a few CPU cycles per product. In other words nothing. Welcome to the internet age, Petzl. I know it was slower coming for you guys, being from France and all (sorry about your Minitel), but there is no excuse. Either serialize your products or watch as more fakes show up and devalue your brand name. Quite frankly I don't see why this shouldn't be done for all UIEE/CE certified gear. It's like we're in the stone age (and your verification CAPTCHA is easily thwarted, too)


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