counterfeit / original

1. If you heard about inverse engineering, you realize that is not important where the originals are made. It is possible and not so difficult to reproduce "the looks" of a simple mechanical device including the "original markings" and if you have the necessary technology, you can reproduce almost exactly even the material. 2. If Petzl was able to "see the differences" before accidents happend, it means there are things anyone can see/verify (and the users should be notified about it). 3. Bad quality, life threatening, "identical looking", safety equipment...yes, it seams too much bother for some dollars (these products are not so expansive)... so the conspiracy theorists have something to chew... 4. Holographic stickers with a serial number/date/place of production, with different image from batch to batch should make the copying more difficult. Or, considering the "attemptive murder" in case of equipment fail, a special paint with embedded special markers should make the difference (at least legally, for the company).


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