The music in this short film

The music in this short film was outstanding. I enjoy listening to music when climbing familiar routes or bouldering. It's almost as if you can move to the music. My favorite part of the video is when the guy gets his ax stuck. It just goes to show that one's ability to persevere and stay calm is very helpful while high off solid ground. Furthermore, it shows that new paths up faces are earned and not just given away by the mountain. Overall, this was a wonderfully shot climbing film. being from the US, there is nowhere here quite like Scotland. That is another great thing about climbing, the ability to journey to far off places and experience new cultures, terrains, and faces. The climbers they chose to follow certainly seemed happy to visit Ben Nevis and other Scottish locales for the firs time. Moreover, they showed the joy and camaraderie that climbing has to offer to all those who wish to partake in the challenge.


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