WARNING! Activities at height are inherently dangerous activities and may lead to severe injury or even death. As a manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) for activities at height, Petzl has produced this software to help guide you in the inspection of certain types of PPE. This software is an aid for the inspection of PETZL equipment only, and is not a substitute for experience and training. It is your responsibility to obtain adequate training in appropriate techniques and safety practices.
Before using this software, take the time to fully understand the information presented in it, as well as all of the manufacturer's instructional and technical information relating to the products to be inspected. In case of doubt or difficulty in understanding, contact PETZL.

The information presented in this software is believed to be accurate; however, it is not guaranteed to be comprehensive, complete, accurate, or up to date. We reserve the right to modify the information presented in this software at any time.

WARNING! An improper or incomplete PPE inspection may result in severe injury or death. The PPE inspector is solely responsible for the inspection carried out.

You personally assume full responsibility for the risk of property damage, bodily injury or death which may occur from the use of the information presented in this software in any manner whatsoever. If you are not able, or not in a position to assume this responsibility or to take this risk, do not use these products.